Limitless Insight

Start from location, and get any insight you want!

  • How is the trend of Paris Van Java Mall in Bandung city?
  • Which fast food restaurant that more popular in Jakarta city, KFC or McDonald?
  • When student at Institut Teknologi Bandung mostly active?
  • What people in Surabaya thinks about the newest promo from Air Asia?
  • From where people who go to holiday in Bali at August 2016?

Complete Location Data

Sasbuzz provides the most complete location data activities!

  • Billion of location related activities in Indonesia
  • Support multiple data channel from Twitter, Instagram, Path, Foursquare, Weather, Traffic, News, Forum and more
  • Historical and real time data already stored in our database

Instant Insight, No Waiting!

Sasbuzz already get every data, so you just need to focus on what insight you want!

  • Get insight you want instantly in seconds! Even though the data from last hour, last 30 days, last 3 months or last 1 year!
  • No need data scientist analysis! Every insight you can get on our platform easily!
  • Unlimited insight, as much as your creativity!

Never Miss Any Insight

Because you are not rely on keyword, you can get any insight you want at any location easily!

  • Flexible filter data in every location based on keyword, date and time
  • Get deeper insight based on data that you want

Multiple Insight Type

In Sasbuzz we already provide multiple insight at multiple type you need, instantly!

  • Analytic insight: most popular day, most active hour, people sentiment, people interest, top words, top location and more!
  • Content from social media users who active at the location
  • Heat map visualization of the location to show which area is the most crowded
  • Origin insight to show where the social media users who active in a location come from
  • Point map visualization to show exact post location
  • Save, combine and compare data