Localize Marketing

Every people at every location has their own uniqueness. It's time to understand your customer and decide what marketing strategy and advertising you need to get them!

  • How is the characteristics of McDonald customers in Bandung city?
  • When is the best time to advertise financial products in Jakarta city?
  • What do people think about Telkomsel newest advertising?
  • Where is the best place to put billboard advertising in Surabaya?
  • Who is my potential customer at Institut Teknologi Bandung?

Online - Offline Integration

Location is the strongest connection between online world and offline world

  • Get the insight from location as small as a mall and as big as an island
  • Support multiple channel data from Twitter, Instagram, Path, Foursquare, Weather, Traffic, News, Forum and more

Use The Insight at Any Advertising Solution

No matter what advertising you want to create, you can use Sasbuzz to get the insight!

  • Get the insight for social media advertising like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more
  • Use the insight for offline advertising on billboard, poster, brochure
  • Analyze the advertising result from social media users perspective
  • Interact directly with your customer at any location!

Special Feature for Twitter Advertiser

If you are Twitter advertiser, you can use Sasbuzz to create super targeted ads!

  • Get potential Twitter customer at specific location you want
  • Integrate the Twitter potential customers with your Twitter ads directly on Sasbuzz
  • Create and manage your Twitter ads based on the insight you get from Sasbuzz

Decide Your Marketing Strategy

You need exact and real time insight to support your marketing strategy, Sasbuzz is the answer!