Start The Interaction

Many people use social media at many location, you can interact with them directly!

  • See and interact with your customer at your business location or another location at specific time
  • Respond to your customer complaint at your business location directly, in real time
  • Give rewards to your loyal customer who come to your business location
  • Get attention from social media users who come to an event and more

Find & Interact Directly

Sasbuzz allows you to find out what your customers do and interact with them directly on site

  • Get the content that your customer post at your business location
  • Reply or Mention on their Twitter account, Like, Follow and Comment on their Instagram account
  • Never miss the chance to get your newest loyal customer!
  • Steal the chance to get new customer by interacting with your potential customers anywhere, anytime

Use Their Content for Your Marketing & Advertising

Nothing more natural than content that is created directly by your customer!