Sasbuzz Intelligence Platform

Take smart decision and action using analysis from data and learn the pattern for future prediction

Our Solutions

Social Media Intelligence

Provide leading AI technology in the market that reveals what matters most across billions of social media post

News Intelligence

Quickly understand market trends, industry segments, and competitive landscape from news article data

E-Commerce Intelligence

Our technology is designed to make it easier for you to monitor your products in the online marketplace

Social Media Intelligence (Listening, Monitoring, Analytics)

Understand the story behind competitors and the market from social media data, flexible and configurable platform to quickly understand brand sentiment, share of voice, identify competitive threats and growth opportunities

Competitive Intelligence

Automatic conversations collecting and classification in real time related with your competitors from multiple sources.

Brand Sentiment

The most accurate understanding of conversations, with the ability to precisely understand sentiment driven insights including emotions, behaviors, attributes, hashtags, people, brands and trending products.

Influencer Insight

Identify who drove the conversation and topics what they speak about.

News Intelligence

Understand what reporters and bloggers write about when discussing your brand.

Industry Trend

Gain a deeper understanding of your consumers, your competition and your industry

Viral News

Determine key issues driving social engagement and map out highly shared news events to understand the issues that resonate with target audiences and how they impact public perception of your brand.

Content Strategy

Develop a content strategy aimed at uncovering where your target customers are most engaged and the content that resonates best.

E-Commerce Intelligence

Get ahead of the game and beat your competitors and profit goals by knowing your competitors performance sales.

Market Overview

Comparing your performance sales against your competitors is essential to making an informed decision

Sales Tracking

Sales data monitoring helps you to take the next strategy.

Top Selling Product

Identify which products are the best-selling

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